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Welcome Class of 2018

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Lincoln County High School

 CLASS OF 2018 




Jim Craig

Jostens Representatative


What today is all about


1. Making Senior year one to remember


2.How to order your Graduation items


3. Your school's order dates 



How do I order

 Order Day:

Wednesday, October 25th 


 Time: Lunch

Place: Cafeteria

Cost: $60, $90, Pay in Full





Delivered on Order Day

Performance Hoodie

Performance Sweatpants

Senior Jersey

Senior Long Sleeve T-Shirt Hoodie

Two Pack T-Shirt

Senior Sling Bag

2018 Key Ring

2018 Beanie

Status Tassel

Souvenir Tassel

Stacked Tassel

2018 Water Bottle

Memory Book

Delivered to your Home

Pullover Hoodie

Women's 1/4 Zip Pullover

Black Sweatpants

Women's Sweatpants

All Senior Jewelry

Girls Sport Shorts

Mens Sport Shorts






Keepsake Frame 

Tassel Keepsake Frame





Delivered in the Spring

-All paper products

-Senior Tankard

-All Keepsake Frames

-Custom Mascot Tassel

-Cap, Gown and Tassel



*Payment is due when these items are delivered*


Cap and gown Important information

You MUST turn in an Order Form to ensure participating in your schools

2018 Graduation Ceremony 


*Be sure and fill out correct Height and Weight on Order form*






a la carte





-Add to your package


-Make your own Package


-Order individual items

You can still order your Class Ring

Order your 2018 Class Ring and receive it in 5 weeks or less!



You can place your Class Ring order with your Graduation Order


No Extra Money needed!



Turn Your Order In

 Order Day

Wednesday, October 25th 


Time: Lunch


Place: Library


Deposit:$60, $80, $100





Thank You

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